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Optimum freely provides all the relevant information needed for a seamless and successful underfloor heating installation. Within the links below you will find a host of useful information that will give you a better overall understanding of how our system fits into your property, the components it's made up of and how it is connected and integrates with your chosen heat source.

screed floor underfloor heatingHeat Sources
screed floor underfloor heatingControls
screed floor underfloor heatingFloor Construction
screed floor underfloor heatingPipes & Manifolds
screed floor underfloor heatingPlant & Wiring

Attention to detail is crucial when designing, supplying and supporting an underfloor heating installation. Every project supplied is overseen by an Optimum Designer, they provide technical back-up to everyone involved in the installation. A bespoke information pack is also produced and made freely available to all involved.