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Optimum PEX Pipe

The main mechanical components of any warm water underfloor heating system are the pipe and distribution manifolds. The pipes life expectancy is quite often the client's biggest concern for obvious reasons. Because of this Optimum use a very high quality cross linked polyethylene pipe with integral oxygen barrier.

Optimum PEX pipe is guaranteed against any manufacturing or materials defects for a period of 10 years covering all incidentals under normal working conditions as specified in BS 7291 Class S (up to 92ºC 4 bar). Optimum guarantees the pipe for a further 40 years on a replacement only basis.

underfloor heating pipes

Optimum PEX pipe will also withstand short-term overload temperatures of 114ºC as specified in BS 7291 Class S.

Optimum PEX pipe is also manufactured to exceed the requirements of DIN 16892 and the oxygen barrier properties of the EVOH layer in the pipe wall which exceed the requirements of DIN 4726.

Optimum PEX under normal conditions operates well within its specified parameters; accelerated chemical aging tests have been carried out on the pipe that clearly shows a useful lifespan well in excess of 100 years.


The manifolds, including all mechanical components used to assemble them, are manufactured by I.V.A.R. S.p.a. The factory is certified ISO 9001 and operate a stringent quality control program. Optimum UFH Ltd have a close working relationship with I.V.A.R. S.p.a. which enables both companies to offer a ten year guarantee on all manifolds and mechanical components, this guarantee covers all incidentals.

Optimum uses larger bore 1¼" diameter nickel plated manifolds, they are supplied, fitted and assembled with all necessary valves and balancing flow meters to enable accurate commissioning of the system.

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