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Our Intelligent control option uses the very latest touch screen thermostats that provide a full time and temperature profile for every room/area of your house. This ensures that you are only putting heat where it is needed giving you precise control and maximising your fuel efficiency. To learn more about this system and its associated components and design use the links above.

The touchscreen sensors are also available in a network version. This gives the added benefit of being able to use the central colour touch screen console so you can manage and monitor your complete heating system from one point. With the further addition of the Netmonitor and internet connection you can now control your heating system remotely from an easy to use mobile App.

Please get in touch if you require further information.

If the networked control system is of interest to you, please highlight this at quotation request stage as this is a separate control option.

Heatmiser Intelligent control Heatmiser Intelligent control