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underfloor heating

Underfloor heating in the UK is now widely accepted as the most desirable way to transfer heat into your home or workplace. This was not always the case and as little as ten years ago we very much had to "sell" the concept and benefits to prospective customers. The benefits still apply today and are listed below.


It has been proven that energy savings of 15-50% can be achieved with underfloor heating depending on the application. Energy efficiency is now everyone's major concern and with the upsurge in use of low temperature heat sources (heat pumps), underfloor heating is the obvious choice.


Underfloor heating is the most comfortable form of heating because it is largely radiant, it provides a near perfect temperature profile throughout each room with no hot or cold spots and eliminates dust laden draughts. Optimum's touchscreen controls ensure each room is at the temperature you want, when you want it.


Unlike radiators, underfloor heating does not take up any wall space, nor does it make any of your valuable floor space unusable. In effect it gives you 15% more floor space compared to radiators coupled with complete freedom over your interior layout.