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CASE STUDY - F Thompson. Foyers Chapel..

underfloor heating case study uk

We have an underfloor heating system designed by Optimum which we can say was one of the best choices for our home that we have ever made.

From start to finish - and sometimes in between - Optimum have been a truly fantastic company to work with. Their friendly, helpful and efficient manner in all aspects of the work make other companies fall far short.

Each and every member of staff is professional, knowledgeable and pleasure to deal with.

The most exceptional part of their service is the after care. At any point you can feel confident with their answers to your questions no matter how small a point it is over. Learning to understand the new heating system you naturally have all sorts of questions and it is very comforting to know that time and time again you can just pick up the phone to ask over some small detail and will receive an immediate and helpful response.

Having never properly experienced underfloor heating we can now say we would never want to go back to radiators again and all the restrictions that come with them. To have your home always at a comfortable temperature particularly in such a cold part of the country is a wonderful thing.

Every aspect was explained to us in detail and we were assured that it is easy to manage. Now having lived with it for some while we can totally agree. In fact it is very easy.

If you are considering underfloor heating just go to Optimum we highly recommend them.